tanittanit3Setup Board/Pit -Tanit 9vut.com Edition-TWT setup bord12688104_10153772383781539_2438579609891536769_nTani K

Setup Board/Pit – Tanit Edition – blue –

Acrylic setup board with ‘pit function’ back side.

Board Color: blue, black, red, orange


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Product Description

The new board includes handy notches for small screws and parts, removable car stand, measurement guides for screws, bearings, and settings, and is completely customizable upon ordering.

Standart color:   black, grey, white

2 x 5 mm Acrylic

W: 300 mm

H: 450 mm

Weight: 1,300 kg

The  product is available as an O.E.M. license also.


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